Global Summit on 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

  • 6/14/21 9:00 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

To Foster Novel Research and Applications of 3D Printing and Modelling

14-16 June 2021, Paris

The objective of 3D Printing-2021 is to provide a unique forum for discussion of the latest developments, refresh your knowledge and will offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you a chance to meet and interact with leading researchers as well as most influential minds in the field of 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing.

The theme of the Conference “To Foster Novel Research and Applications of 3D Printing and Modelling” will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds. It aims to promote awareness and enhance research aiming in developing solutions for the various 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing encountered. In addition, the informational speakers, you will get an opportunity to interact with and learn from our Business Partners, Exhibitors and Sponsors. The conference will provide a number of networking opportunities to help establish connections for early career scientists, 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing scientists across the globe.

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