Rethinking Mobility

  • 9/8/19 9:00 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

ETH Week 2019

8-13 September 2019, Zurich

In our globalised world, mobility has taken on new dimensions: we have friends all over the world, we are flexible in where we live, work and spend leisure time and studying in foreign countries has become commonplace. We eat exotic fruits produced on the other side of the planet, trade goods across continents, and do most of this at very low economical costs.

However, we are beginning to face some of the unpleasant consequences. The growing demand for energy to fuel our mobile lifestyle is one of the leading causes of climate change. Some of its impacts like rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns are already blatantly obvious and unimpeded it may trigger devastating global effects. On a local scale, decreasing air quality, congestion and overcrowded trains and buses during rush hour are affecting our well-being. While trying to balance personal wishes and environmental impacts, we need to be aware that people from some parts of the globe are closely connected with the rest of the world whereas others do not have access to reasonable infrastructure and transportation systems. In order to tackle growing emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants, it is time for us to rethink mobility and find sustainable solutions.

What will mobility look like in the future? How will we travel in 2050? How can we integrate spatial planning, new technologies and business models to meet people’s needs more sustainably?

During the fifth edition of ETH Week, we encourage all participants — students, professors, staff, and external experts — to join a critical and multi-faceted discussion to analyze the world we live in, while actively thinking about the various parts we can play to contribute to a joint, well-coordinated mobility transition. The challenge opens a window of opportunity for critical thinking and creativity, for larger and especially smaller innovations, and for personal and societal team work.

ETH Week 2019 is being organised in close collaboration with SCCER Mobility.

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