Luzerner Mobilitätsgespräch 2020 - 15th Event

  • 3/27/20 12:30 PM
  • Kirsten Oswald

App- and Browser-Based Mobility Services

27 March 2020, Lucerne

Recent technological innovations such as smartphones embedded with location tracking (e.g., GPS), real-time information on congestion and for points of interests (e.g, museums, restaurants) and ecological feedback for alternative travel choices provide great potentials to guide travellers. Numerous app- and browser-based mobility services exploit such data intelligence to make mobility not only more convenient but also more efficient and more sustainable. Yet, persuading people to make sustainable mobility choices is rather challenging. The aim of this conference is to exchange knowledge and experiences on opportunities and challenges in implementation of app- and browser based mobility services as soft mobility measures for individual modal change. We welcome transport operators, researchers, policy makers and representatives from pilot regions who are working together for sustainable mobility solutions.

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