Intelligent Maintenance Conference 2020

  • 9/8/20 9:00 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Organised by the Chair of Intelligent Maintenance Systems, ETH Zurich

8-9 September 2020, online event

Due to the Covid-19 sitation, the conference is moving online. This is an exiting opportunity to secure the participation of internationally recognised speakers from the US and Autralia among others! Also, we are preparing a nice program with many networking opportunities!

The Smart Maintenance Conference has been growing for the last three years. It evolved toward a bigger event, with more speakers, more tracks, more attendance from many more countries!

Strong from this success, we believe it is time to anchor the conference internationally and to make a clear distinction with other similar events organised throughout the world. This led us to rename the conference as the INTELLIGENT MAINTENANCE CONFERENCE. This change of name does not change our objectives: to be place to share fruitful discussions on predictive maintenance between experts from the industry and from the academic world.

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