Expert Round Table on Economic Analysis of the Transformation of Urban Transport Systems

  • 9/9/20 9:00 AM
  • Kirsten Oswald

Held in conjunction with the Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics (WP.5)

9 September 2020, Geneva

In preparation to the expert round table, UNECE invites interested stakeholders, including city authorities, urban and spatial planners, national Ministry of Transport/ Mobility experts, NGOs and academia to send abstracts and case studies on transport policy cost-benefit analyses currently being used in cities across the region. Contributions should focus on one of the three policy categories “Avoid policies”, “Shift policies” and “Improve policies” or combinations thereof (i.e. policy mixes). Contributions could also build on the experience of many EU Member States with the development and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) which serve as multi-stakeholder planning instruments for providing sustainable mobility and reducing car use in urban areas.

Priority should be given to case studies with emphasis on practical examples where cities/urban centres are undertaking methodological efforts to quantify in monetary terms the costs, risks and benefits of their urban mobility and spatial planning policy choices.

Abstracts and case studies should be submitted through the WP.5 contact form by 15 July 2020. Selected case studies will be given slots for oral presentation and discussion with the audience at the expert-round table. Consecutive interpretation will be provided in the three UNECE working languages (English, Russian and French).  All case studies will be made available on the UNECE website.

Please refer to the official webpage of the round-table for the draft agenda and concept note. Proposals should be submitted using the template for case studies and abstracts.

For participation in the expert round table and the 33rd Session of the Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics (WP.5) please use the following link to register.

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